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make in india

Excellent Quality Broken 6-8 Pc SWP Tukda Cashew : 10kg Tin x 2 Nos.

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  • Tasty & Crunchy Cashew
  • Full of Fibres, Nutritions, Vitamins & Anti-Oxidants
  • No added Preservatives. Gluten Free
  • Easy to Carry. On-the-Go Snacks … Can be kept in small bag
  • Store in a Cool & Dry Hygienic place
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Excellent Quality 6-8 Pc (Piece) SWP Grade Tukda Kaju (Cashew) are used for Chocolates, Juices, Shakes, Vegetables Gravy, Biscuits & Cookies etc. Its available in Jumbo Pack as well.

Cashew provides lot of Nutritional Value & helps to improve Vitamins, Reduces Fat, Improves Anti Oxidants to Look Young, Rich Fibres improves Digestion, Nutrients helps for Heart Disease and improves Eyesight. Kaju is also used in lot of Ayurveda medicines & Cosmetics.

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